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October 31, 2020by nuser0

What does Luxury mean to you?

In the words of Oscar de la Renta; “Luxury to me is not about buying expensive things; it’s about living in a way where you appreciate things.” With luxury, price doesn’t matter. It is about the lifestyle you want to create for yourself, the person you aspire to be, and the value delivered to you.

So, how would you define luxury living? Is it having peace of mind, taking a well-deserved vacation, being able to purchase your favorite designer watch or handbag, enjoying premium VIP treatments, or owning a high-end property?

At Magnolia Realty, we believe one of the ways to experience luxury is living in a home that transcends comfort and style. As your specialist real estate partner, we aim to redefine and provide a contemporary expression of luxury living in Accra with our residential development, The Mulberry.

Experience the Pinnacle of Prestigious Living

The Mulberry is a striking modern masterpiece of residences with contemporary architectural designs, superior finishing, and unique craftsmanship. Set in a lush green community, the Mulberry is made up of 37 exclusive high-end residential homes, located in Cantonments. A prestigious suburb of Accra and described as the true location for luxury living. This community is home to various bank offices, high-end restaurants, and embassies.

In partnership with Chrome Developers, KEY Architectural Group, and Mendanha & Sousa Construction Ltd, Magnolia Realty presents a one-of-a-kind luxury residential development that features;

  • 4 spacious ensuite bedrooms
  • Elegant walk-in closets
  • Generously sized living and dining area
  • Cozy study
  • 2 smartly positioned in and out kitchens
  • Private swimming Pool
  • Open-air terrace with hot tub
  • Charming outdoor garden

To ensure the homes meet the desires of different personalities and preferences, yet maintain the architectural unity throughout the entire development, The Mulberry offers 6 unique home designs to choose from, each built on an average plot size of 1,000 sqm with a build space of 600sqm.

This premium development promises the highest level of privacy and luxury, and at the same time provides all the convenience and security of living in a gated community. By telling a story through design, each home within The Mulberry is integrated with elements carefully selected to provide an unrivalled level of detail, intelligent design, superior finishing, and a truly individualized experience. Interiors have been designed with glass walls, skylights and double volume ceiling to bring in a lot of natural light and fresh air. High-quality sanitary ware from Duravit & Hansgrohe and cutting-edge kitchen appliances from Siemens and Bosch have been integrated to enhance the quality of life. Ample space of 20m has been provided across homes to further ensure privacy.

Residents can also enjoy the benefits of living in a community with an interactive clubhouse. Named after the concept of togetherness, The Hive is at the heart of The Mulberry and provides amenities to entertain and support health and wellness.


  • Dedicated concierge service area
  • Coffee shop & lounge
  • Indoor and outdoor kid’s playground
  • Multipurpose sports court
  • Mini golf house
  • State of the art fitness studio
  • Contemporary private bar
  • Rooftop hot tub
  • Private bar

The entire development is green and pedestrian-friendly with cycling lanes to encourage, walking, jogging and cycling. The security of residents can be assured with strategically posited CCTV systems and dedicated round the clock security service. Each home has an anti-intrusion system in the front and back door, 2-3 emergency lights and automated external lighting that comes on at 6:00 pm. A complete fire alarm system has been integrated.

There are many factors to consider when deciding to become a first-time homeowner or moving to a new living space; how contemporary are the homes? Where do you want the home to be located? How easily accessible is it to get to shopping centers, hospitals, salons, restaurants, etc.? How safe is the vicinity, what kind of neighbors are you likely to have? How flexible is the payment plan and many more questions to ponder on. We are here to help you navigate through these questions.

Reach out today and let’s start talking about your dream luxury home in Accra.

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