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December 2, 2020by ivelaw5

Real estate property development in Accra has peaked with the demand for homes that offer luxury, provide security, comfort, availability of social amenities, and ensures value for money for the owner. When investing in a luxury home in Accra, it should be more than just a transactional process, it should be a memorable experience.

The Mulberry features six unique home types to appeal to a variety of personalities and lifestyles, and adaptable to suit unique preferences. Named after the durable and beautiful characteristics of Sage, Maple, Elm, Cedar, Willow and Aspen trees, qualities of each home have been listed below.


Dedicated to those who enjoy being noticed, Sage evokes attention and gives its homeowners a feeling of pride. It is designed to create a magnificent welcome and feeling of comfort. The spectacular presence of the waterfall that pours effortlessly into the swimming pool feature embodies the powerful energy of water as a symbolism of wealth and prosperity.

Sage features;

  • A pool in the front of the property which transcends to a waterfall, designed to provide a pleasing view.
  • A transparent glass bridge that connects the left and right parts of the property, elegantly shielded by the waterfall feature
  • A spiral stairway which upscales the interior décor and intensifies the beauty of the home.
  • A uniquely built indoor garden, to create a seamless connection with nature.


With its sophistication in design structure, surrounded by a wooden façade and an angled wall feature, Maple welcomes you into a cozy living space. If you enjoy privacy and tranquility, this is the home type ideal for you. With only six of its kind, Maple defines a lifestyle of elegant simplicity and luxury, featuring lots of light and new energy.

Maple features;

  • A beautiful water feature at the entrance
  • A skylight that brings a lot of natural light into the home
  • A glass bridge on the first floor, that gives the home interior a luxurious look


Designed for those who enjoy simplicity and style, Elm has a charming wood cladding exterior and a glass façade in the front of the house. This presents a seamless connection between outdoor and indoor living spaces.

Elm features;

  • A water feature in front that stretches out to the swimming pool at the back, and gives an illusion of the home effortlessly floating on water
  • Spiral stairway surrounded by an indoor garden, that adds to the beauty of the interior
  • A hot tub surrounded by a well-manicured green area on the second floor


Cedar is designed to capture the attention of people who enjoy contemporary architectural designs. It truly embodies the feeling of relaxation, which sets the standard for bespoke luxury living.

Cedar features

  • A rooftop entertainment area, with an infinity pool to enjoy beautiful and breathtaking views of the lush green community
  • A private indoor gym
  • A skylight feature in the master suite to illuminate your mornings.


Willow is designed for a trendy lifestyle with a distinctive design featuring a mesh façade and hanging garden

Willow features

  • A transparent glass bridge that connects the master suite to the study
  • A large terrace and bar on the roof top for hosting guests.
  • A family area which can be adapted into a relaxation area for kids or a home cinema for the family.



Described as the jewel of The Mulberry, Aspen is the only one of its kind uniquely designed for an opulent lifestyle.

Aspen features;

  • A wrap-around terrace that provides a 360 view of the entire neighborhood and surrounding areas.
  • A wooden cladding design around the glass façade to reduce heat and offer privacy
  • A unique pool design that effortlessly merges with the entire architecture of the home



The Mulberry is dedicated to ensuring its residents enjoy community amenities for relaxation, entertainment, health & wellness. The Hive has been designed to be the main focal point of the development and makes a great first impression when you first drive through The Mulberry.

The Hive features;

  • A two-story open plan building for free movement in and out
  • A concierge area where clients can make reservations, request for maintenance services, etc.

A  coffee shop that overlooks an indoor and outdoor kids play area

  • A multi-purpose sports court that can be used to play tennis, basketball and football
  • A well-equipped gym and mini-golf area
  • A hot tub and a bar that can be reserved for private events.

Which of these homes appeal to your lifestyle? Contact us for a detailed presentation on each home type as we guide you through the selection process.

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  • Felix Fianko

    December 9, 2020 at 2:34 pm

    Please send info on square footage, pricing, amenities on the Sage, Cedar, Willow and Aspen models


  • Dave Kankam

    February 15, 2021 at 6:56 pm

    Am interested, please send all info to help make a choice and decision.


  • Vicky Opoku

    March 18, 2021 at 11:29 am

    May you kindly forward the prices for all the house types on sale and their square footage. Also the exact location and whether they are available now or under construction.

    Many thanks


  • Alyssa Hagan

    May 18, 2021 at 10:12 pm

    Can you kindly forward the prices for all the house types and their square footage. As well as whether they are available now or under construction.


  • Edward Jones

    July 17, 2021 at 3:30 pm

    Can I please get the prices for the various homes


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